For a young country like India “right to education” is incomplete without “right to work”.

We at intend to do just this to bring about a meaningful change in the lives of people at the ground level.

The Big Picture we want to share:

(1).Provide skill set to the youth so that they can earn their living in a dignified manner.

PM Modi vision Start-up Skill development

(2).Improve their standard of living through street shopping.

Through this movement we’ll connect the haves with the have not’s.”

The idea behind it is, neither to sell nor to make beggars out of poor people but to ensure that the poor buy it at a minimum cost so that their self respect is not broken.

When a son or a daughter comes running to the father and asks “PAPA kahan se laye” the father would proudly say “beta khareed kar laya hun“.

The amount is not important but the self respect of any father is and of course the smile of the son or daughter is more important.

(3).Provide on call ambulance (Auto/Bike) for road accidents and other emergencies.

We intend to activate auto drivers and bikers to immediately take care of any accidents on road by taking the patient straight to the hospital. All expenses and police hassles will be handled by us at

By doing this we will be able to save many lives and help them meet their loved once again.